Tenant Application & Instructions
Under the employer information, there must be a phone number and name of the person who can verify the income amount. Please be aware that if your employer uses The Work Number, or any other third party pay service to verify income, we will need a copy of your W2 or pay stub, as we do not subscribe to any such service.
If you are self-employed, you are required to provide a copy of your tax return, pages 1, 2, and schedule C and/or E from last year's taxes showing your total income amount for the year.
If you are applying for a rental, the application alone will not hold the rental.
In order to hold a rental, Professional Property Management, Inc. MUST have ALL of the following:
1) An application from EACH tenant over the age of 18 who will be living in the rental
2) The FULL security deposit (which is equal to one month's rent )
      a) The rent amount for houses, duplexes, and condo's are typically as listed on this website - call for more specific information
      b) The rent for apartments can vary depending on the apartment, floor level, and options included and will be provided by calling
          Professional Property Management, Inc. at (217) 351-1800
3) Co-signer/Guarantor application(s) (one for EACH tenant over the age of 18 that does not meet the all of the qualifications)
 Printable Tenant Application
 Online Tenant Application
Professional Property Managment
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Professional Property Management of CU, Inc
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In-person viewing not required for leasing.
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Online application is currently unavailable please contact the office at 217-351-1800.